What happens if I claim money back from a builder?

What happens if I claim money back from a builder?

This is important, because if the court isn’t satisfied that you’ve been reasonable, you may be prevented from recovering the costs of pursuing the claim against your builder – such as court and solicitors’ fees. The court may even order that your claim is stayed (put on hold) until you’ve followed the protocol.

Why did the builder ask for more money?

I’ve been having repair work done over the summer on two flats I rent out to students. The builder I contracted did do some of the agreed work and did it quite well but then he started asking for more money for materials he’d already been given money to buy and saying that he was short of cash.

Why did the builder disappear with my money?

Because we were about half way through the work and it seemed to be a simple cashflow problem that was delaying things I handed over about £8,000 in total. The builder then did a complete disappearing act. I had to get on with the work and finish it with the help of other people I knew to get it done in time.

What to do if a builder doesn’t pay you?

Check with your local trading standards department. Officers there may know about this builder and whether or not he’s done this kind of thing before. They may even be able to help you negotiate a settlement or mediate a solution. The crux of the matter is that he may not have any money with which to pay you.

When does a contractor withhold money from a progress claim?

The simplest form of security is where the principal or head contractor withhold a specified sum of money from a contractor’s or subcontractor’s progress payments. In practice, up to 10% retention is commonly withheld from each progress claim until up to 5% of the contract sum is retained.

Can you use a statutory demand to get money back?

You can use a statutory demand to ask for money you’re owed from a person or business. If they ignore the statutory demand or cannot repay the money, you can apply to a court to: However, the costs are high and you may not get any of your money back.

When do you get paid for construction work?

Six (6) months after the completion of all construction work to be carried out or the completed supply of all related goods and services. If you do not claim within this time, you may not be entitled to apply for an adjudication.

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