What is an imputed political opinion?

What is an imputed political opinion?

Imputed Political Opinions. An imputed political opinion in the asylum context focuses instead on the beliefs of the persecutor—rather than those of the persecuted. It is a political opinion that a persecutor falsely attributes to a victim that is the motivation behind persecuting the victim.

What is another word for seek advice?

What is another word for seek advice?

consult ask
call upon seek advice from
seek information from take counsel from
call in have recourse to
seek opinion of sound out

Why is it important to ask for opinion?

Here’s why: when you ask for advice, people do not think less of you, they actually think you’re smarter. This finding is important because seeking advice encourages information exchange, learning, and meaningful connection between us and our friends and colleagues.

What is the meaning of political opinion?

Public opinion or Political opinion is the aggregate of individual attitudes or beliefs held by the adult population. Public opinion can also be defined as the complex collection of opinions of many different people and the sum of all their views.

Do you feel obligated to treat your family member?

Likewise, physicians may feel obligated to provide care to immediate family members even if they feel uncomfortable providing care. It would not always be inappropriate to undertake self-treatment or treatment of immediate family members.

What happens when a physician has a family member?

Professional objectivity may be compromised when an immediate family member or the physician is the patient; the physician’s personal feelings may unduly influence his or her professional medical judgment, thereby interfering with the care being delivered.

What happens when you have an argument with a family member?

If allowed to continue, the argument can become heated, accelerating quickly to personal attacks (which often includes trying to make you feel responsible or guilty for not responding the way someone wants you to).

How can family and friends influence medical decisions?

Both studies examined how family and friends (sometimes referred to as “confidants”) can not only influence medical decisions (i.e., diagnosis seeking or treatment) in ways that may or may not align with EBM recommendations or guidelines but also can serve as a source of conflict. The study methods have been reported in detail elsewhere [ 16 ].

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