How much does a FIFO worker earn?

How much does a FIFO worker earn?

The average fifo salary in Australia is $97,500 per year or $50 per hour. Entry level positions start at $81,835 per year while most experienced workers make up to $131,625 per year.

What does a FIFO worker do?

‘Fly in fly out’ (FIFO) jobs are those where an employer will temporarily transport the employee to a location or site of work and then transport them back for a period of rest. This method is most commonly employed in order to avoid relocating the employee (and possibly their family) to the site on a permanent basis.

What is it like to work FIFO?

FIFO workers work away from home, typically in rural regions. As the name indicates, because of the remote nature of the job, workers must fly to the location and back. Sometimes, though not always, this work is interstate. Workers generally go by a roster of weeks on and off at a time.

What does it mean to be a FIFO worker?

What is FIFO work? FIFO or otherwise “Fly-in-fly-out” is the term used to describe someone who flies to a job site to complete work (usually over the course of a week or two) before flying home when the job is done. Typically, the role is reserved for people who have to complete jobs in rural towns or when they are not within driving distance.

Where can I get a FIFO job in Queensland?

Exciting new positions available for an experienced trade assistant on a 4:2 FIFO roster. MUST HAVE MINE SITE EXPERIENCE WorkPac are currently seeking single and Multi-skilled operators to join the team at an Open Cut Coal Mine located in the Bowen Basin, QLD.

How long do FIFO workers work away from home?

While they work away from home, usually their accommodation, meals and some recreational activities are covered by their employer. The pay is also significant to make up for the inconveniences. FIFO workers also work long hours – usually 12-hour shifts – and seven days a week on site with very little downtime.

What to pack for a first time FIFO worker?

Good, comfy socks (one brand worth checking out is the Ultimate work sock). If you have an old, comfortable pair of steel capped boots, take them. New ones take a while to wear in and you might want to interchange them with your old faithfuls. After-work wear relative to climate, including a pair of thongs.

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