How does body corporate care for common property?

How does body corporate care for common property?

That makes the rules for repairs and maintenance nice and simple. The lot owners care for their own lots and the body corporate cares for the common property. That’s pretty much where we leave simple behind though because the next question, “ what is lot and what is common property?, ” is one of the most hotly contested issues in body corporates.

Do you have to be a member of a body corporate?

Every Community Title Scheme has a Body Corporate, comprises at least 2 Lots, and has some Common Property. Each and every Owner of a Lot is automatically a member of the Body Corporate. 1.2 Are there different types? Yes.

What are the by-laws of the body corporate?

The by-laws of the body corporate apply. The Model by-laws apply unless the body corporate has its own by-laws. There are a number of Model by-laws in Schedule 1 of the Act which control the use of common property by lot owners, and the body corporate may enforce these by-laws. Can a lot owner allow his/her car space to be used by other people?

What are the duties of a body corporate?

What a body corporate does. The body corporate is given powers under the legislation to carry out its necessary duties. The body corporate: maintains, manages and controls the common property on behalf of owners. decides the amounts to be paid by the owners to make sure the body corporate can operate. makes and enforces its own rules, called …

What are the problems with body corporate balconies?

The balcony was well designed in the first place with good drainage. The balcony and all it’s components were well constructed. Good quality and location appropriate materials were used in construction. Sadly, body corporate balconies often fail to meet those basic assumptions. Water Leaks

What are the problems with body corporate repairs and maintenance?

Problems arising with body corporate repairs and maintenance. The process of body corporate repairs and maintenance is very reliant on the effectiveness of the Committee. The process breaks down when Committees fail to act, fail to act quickly or when there isn’t an active Committee. It’s also common to have issues finding tradesmen.

Who is responsible for damage caused by body corporate?

Alternatively the source may be from another lot. Who is responsible for all the damage caused by the problem will be determined by defining ownership of the property from which the problem sources. If it’s your lot, you pay, if it’s your neighbours lot, they pay and if it’s common property then the body corporate pays.

Can a body corporate enter a lot under a statutory easement?

In an emergency, notice is not required. A body corporate can enter a lot to carry out work under the statutory easement if it gives reasonable written notice to the lot owner before entering the lot. An owner can enter another lot to carry out work under the statutory easement if they give reasonable written notice to:

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