Who was fined by the NSW Law Society?

Who was fined by the NSW Law Society?

A North Sydney-based family law practitioner has been reprimanded and fined $12,000 after being found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct and professional misconduct.

What did former NSW Law Society Councilor do?

The material referred to was photographs of her client’s husband, which were supposedly kept “in his home office, of his stepdaughter aged about 11 nude from the waist up and sitting on his lap and another of her aged between 17 and 19 in sexy underwear”.

What are the rules for being a solicitor in NSW?

The fiduciary concept in the practice of law is now encapsulated in various pieces of legislation governing the legal profession and in a code of ethics called the Legal Profession Uniform Law Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rules 2015. All solicitors in NSW are obliged to follow these laws and ethical standards.

What did the court do in Fraser v Law Society of NSW?

The Court substituted a fine and a reprimand: Fraser v Council of the Law Society of NSW [1992] NSWCA 1992. Because of the dishonesty inherent in this species of disciplinary wrong, the cases have traditionally been clear that it amounts to professional misconduct rather than to unsatisfactory professional conduct.

Who are the brothers guilty of professional misconduct?

Two brothers, who operated a law firm in Sydney, have been found guilty of professional misconduct and ordered to pay costs.

What is regulation of law practices in NSW?

This chapter outlines the regulation of law practices’ costs under the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) (LPUL). Regulation of law practices’ costs may be grouped into three areas: disclosure, costs agreements and billing. 3.2 DISCLOSURE First, and most importantly, disclosure is mandatory.

How to find out legal costs in NSW?

If the total legal costs in a matter (excluding GST and disbursements) are not likely to exceed $3,000.00, the law practice may provide a short, standard form costs disclosure rather than making full costs disclosure. OLSC: 02 9377 1800 Fax: 02 9377 1888 Toll Free: 1800 242 958 www.olsc.nsw.gov.au 1 Fact Sheet 2 | uly 2015

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