Do I have to pay child support if I move overseas?

Do I have to pay child support if I move overseas?

If a parent moves overseas, do they still have to pay child support? Generally, the obligation to pay child support continues even if the paying parent moves overseas. Child Support is owed as a debt to the Commonwealth rather than to the receiving parent.

Can you get child support if father lives in another country?

Typically, a person who wants to collect child support from a parent in a foreign country will talk to his or her local child support office or independent attorney. By providing information about the noncustodial parent’s location and address, the support agency can better determine the options available.

How does child support work if you live in different countries?

If the custodial parent lives in a Hague Convention country or a Foreign Reciprocating Country, and the parent who owes child support lives in the United States, then the U.S. will assist the other country with its case.

Can you pay child support if you live outside Australia?

Paying child support Options for parents paying child support. Living outside Australia Child support when parents or children live outside Australia. We may be able to help you set up child support when you or the other parent live in another country.

Can a non parent carer collect child support in Australia?

register and collect a maintenance liability made outside Australia. If you’re a non-parent carer and live in a reciprocating jurisdiction you can apply to get child support if at least one parent lives in Australia. If you live in a reciprocating jurisdiction and the other parent lives in Australia, you can apply to pay child support to them.

What happens if you pay child support to another parent in New Zealand?

If you pay child support to a parent in a reciprocating jurisdiction, the maintenance authority in that country may ask us to collect payments. They’ll transfer any money owing to the other parent. We’ll use our usual range of collection options. There are special rules about child support if you or the other parent live in New Zealand.

How old do you have to be to get child support in Australia?

If your child is between 16 and 19 years old, he must be a full-time student or exempt from education and training requirements. Children living in approved care organisations and who are homeless or refugees, or who have a disability, may also be eligible for a fortnightly payment of up to $59.78.

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