Can a landlord let a tenant move in with them?

Can a landlord let a tenant move in with them?

Dear Anne: You recently answered a query about current tenants letting people move in with them and the landlord’s rights in that situation. I manage a number of properties, and our policy is that any person over 18 years who comes to live with the original resident goes through the same application process as they did.

Can a landlord make a guest a tenant?

Any guest staying in the property for more than 2 consecutive weeks in any 6 month period will be considered a tenant, rather than a guest, and must be added to the lease agreement. Landlord may also increase the rent at any such time that a new tenant is added to the lease or premise.

Can a friend stay in your apartment for a while?

You’re a kind person, you care about your friends and family and you have an extra room or a spare couch they can sleep on. Of course they can stay for a little while.

When do you need Someone to move out of Your House?

There may come a time when you simply need someone to move out of your property even though they are paying rent and the lease is active. You may want to renovate the property or even move back in. Unfortunately, in this situation, your options are limited.

What to do if someone wants to move out of your apartment?

Empty nesters or the newly single may not want the responsibility of maintaining a larger unit. If a smaller unit is available which might fit the tenant’s needs, let your tenant know. You can offer the tenant an incentive, such as reduced rent, a free parking space or a new kitchen backsplash to try and convince them to stay. 4.

Can a tenant move in a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Until the girlfriend or boyfriend is on a lease, you are not legally protected. If your tenant’s significant other is not willing to sign the lease and your lease specifically states that your tenant is not allowed to move in another person, you will need to proceed with a notice of lease violation.

Can a landlord move in another tenant in PA?

Pennsylvania’s Landlord Tenant Code does not specify its own restrictions on subletting, allowing a tenant to move in additional tenants or even replace themselves on the lease entirely without repercussion.

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