Can care home fees be backdated?

Can care home fees be backdated?

Yes it can be backdated to the time your Mother became a permanent resident at the Care Home.

Can relatives be made to pay care home fees?

Care home top-up fees should only be paid by relatives who are able and willing to pay them. Local authorities are responsible for top-up arrangements. If a relative cannot pay third party top-up fees, the local authority is responsible in full for the full cost of care.

Are there extra fees for residential aged care?

Read about managing accommodation payments and contributions for residential aged care. Providers with extra service status can charge an extra service fee. The Aged Care Pricing Commissioner approves extra service fees. These fees must be agreed and set out in an extra services agreement.

How much does it cost to stay in a nursing home in Australia?

The Australian Government has set the maximum price for the daily fee and this amount is reviewed twice a year, in March and September. The maximum daily fee for a permanent resident of an aged care home is based on the Age Pension. The Government has set the maximum daily fee amount at 85 percent of the annual single basic Age Pension.

Can a nursing home charge you for long term care?

After that patients are responsible for the entire bill, unless they have long-term care insurance or some other form of coverage. 8  The nursing home is not required to notify residents that the benefit days are ending, and it can continue to charge them for their care. There is one exception.

When did the care home charge for Mother’s Care?

Despite clearing her room they still charged us full fees, even though most of the month was spent in hospital, with no hope of her ever returning to the Care Home. Mother died on the 4th November last and no rebate has been forthcoming, which means there has been a 12 day overpayment, even allowing for their contractual two week demand.

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