How long was the boat trip from England to Australia?

How long was the boat trip from England to Australia?

The clipper ships bound for Australia and New Zealand would call at a variety of ports. A ship sailing from Plymouth to Sydney, for example, would cover around 13,750 miles (22,130 km); a fast time for this passage would be around 100 days. Cutty Sark made the fastest passage on this route by a clipper, in 72 days.

When did British migrate to Australia?

First-generation colonial Sydney residents were predominantly English. 160,000 convicts came to Australia between 1788 and 1850. Between 1788 and 1840, 80,000 English convicts were transported to New South Wales, with the greatest numbers coming between 1825 and 1835.

How long did it take to sail from England to Australia in the 1900s?

If a travellers from the United Kingdom wanted to make a trip to Australia, a former British colony, in 1914, however, the journey would take at least a month and or more than 40 days.

Why did the British migrate to Australia in 1945?

The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union meant that nuclear war was a real threat and some people saw Australia as a safe place to live. Between 1945 and 1965 more than two million migrants came to Australia. Most were assisted: the Commonwealth Government paid most of their fare to get to Australia.

How do you get to Australia from UK without flying?

Option 1, Europe to Australia via the Trans-Siberian Railway. You can travel by train from London to Moscow, then by Trans-Siberian Railway to China & the Far East, then catch a passenger-carrying freighter (if you can find one!) or cruise ship to Australia.

How long did it take Amy Johnson to fly to Australia?

Miss Amy Johnson, who left Timor at dawn on Saturday on the last hazardous oversea hop of 500 miles to Port Darwin, Northern Australia, reached her goal after over eight hours flying. She thus completed her flight of 9,500 miles from Croydon in a Gipsy Moth ‘plane in 19½ days.

When did I come back to the UK from Australia?

I stayed in Perth for 15 years after my parents emigrated there when I was seven. At 24, I came back to England and have been here ever since. The dullness and isolation of living somewhere like Perth can’t be explained unless you experience it.

When was the last migration from the British Isles to Australia?

It was a follow-on to the unofficial Big Brother Movement and attracted over one million migrants from the British Isles between 1945 and 1972, representing the last substantial scheme for preferential migration from the British Isles to Australia. In 1957, more migrants were encouraged to travel following a campaign called “Bring out a Briton”.

When did the first immigrants arrive in Australia?

From the source material (Official passenger lists mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under UK assisted passage 1845-86) formerly known as Source 313, then GRG35/48a and now GRG35/48/1 at State Records (SA), this section lists the vessels whose records survive in some form from 1836 to 1886.

Where can I find emigration records from Ireland to Australia?

Look under Emigration and Immigration on the Irish Home Page, for the listing and the years covered, then Australia. The National Archives of Ireland has a searchable index database on the Internet for transportation records of Irish convicts sent to Australia between 1788 and 1868.

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