How do I connect my ETAG to my car?

How do I connect my ETAG to my car?

Log on to your account and click on the ‘Manage my Account’ option and select ‘Tags and Vehicles’. You can then view all of the vehicles linked to your Account then add, edit or delete vehicles/Licence Plates. You can also add or remove vehicles/Licence Plates from your Account by calling 13 18 65.

How do I add a car to my Citylink account?

Add, remove or update the vehicles on your account online or via the Linkt app following these steps: Online….Backdating

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select Vehicles from the menu.
  3. Select Add another vehicle.
  4. Fill in your car’s details and then select I want to set a start and end time for this vehicle.
  5. Enter a start date.

What do you do if you have no e tag?

If your licence plate number isn’t registered to your account, you may receive a toll invoice or notice and be charged additional fees. To avoid this, make sure you add each of your vehicles to your account. You can do this by logging in online. You can also buy a pass within 5 days of your trip.

What happens if you dont have an e tag?

If you choose not to set up a Tag or Pass product, the trip will become eligible for a Toll Notice. Repeated failure to respond to and pay a Toll Notice may result in a penalty notice sent to the registered owner and the matter being referred to Revenue NSW.

What happens if you lose your ETAG?

If your E-Tag as been lost or stolen, you can report it online, or call 13 18 65. You remain liable for any toll charges debited to your account up until you report that your tag has been lost or stolen. Please note: If your tag has been stolen, file a police report and get a COPS Event Number.

How do I log into my e toll account?

You can manage your account by visiting and click on the “Manage my e-toll Account”, which will allow you full access to your transaction details.

What happens if you dont have an ETAG?

What happens if I use a toll road without a tag or pass? If you don’t make an arrangement to pay within 3 days of the trip, the toll road operator will issue a toll notice to the registered operator of the vehicle. The toll notice requests the toll charge plus an administration fee.

Do you have to have a CityLink account to use EastLink?

If you already have any type of tolling account issued by Linkt Melbourne (CityLink) or a tag account issued by an interstate tollway, then it will work on EastLink provided the account is valid and not suspended, and your vehicle details have been linked to the account.

When do I add a vehicle to my EastLink account?

When you add a vehicle to your EastLink account, any trips made by that vehicle in the preceding 72 hours will be charged to your account. For a trip made earlier than that, a toll invoice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. The toll invoice will include fees in addition to the toll.

Where do I call for fines in Victoria?

Call Fines Victoria, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (except public holidays). For infringement enquiries, call (03) 9200 8111 or 1300 369 819 for regional callers. For Notice of Final Demand enquiries, call (03) 9200 8222 or 1800 150 410 for regional callers. Not sure what to enter? Did you receive your fine by mail? Open / Close

Do you have to have a motorcycle tag to use EastLink?

Yes. Motorcycles are charged half the rate of cars using tags, however Motorcycles do not need to carry a tag. Does a car towing a caravan or trailer increase the toll price? No. EastLink charges tolls for the car but not the caravan or trailer being towed.

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