What should I look for in an employment contract Singapore?

What should I look for in an employment contract Singapore?

Look out for:

  • Basic salary as agreed.
  • Clear description of salary components.
  • Fixed allowances as agreed, if any.
  • Payment conditions, if any.
  • Entitlements to bonuses, annual wage supplements and other incentives, if any.
  • Date of salary payment.
  • Frequency of salary payment.

Can you negotiate employment contract?

It is all very well to negotiate you contract but you don’t want to push your luck too far. Be willing to negotiate and stay professional throughout. Know what you are willing to settle for and if you can’t get it, then know at what point you would be unwilling to continue with the job.

What is the difference between appointment letter and employment contract?

Appointment letters provide more information than offer letters because they are sent after a candidate has accepted the position in the offer letter. An appointment letter can be used as proof of upcoming employment and is considered a formal copy of the contract the candidate agreed to by accepting the job offer.

What is the purpose of an employment contract in Singapore?

The purpose of employment contract is to make good relationship and working environment between employee and employer. According to Employment act, employment agreement in Singapore cannot contain any terms less favorable than the minimum standards stated in the Employment Act.

Do you need a written contract to get a job in Singapore?

It is not necessary for the employment contract to be in writing, though it is advisable to issue a written contract so that both parties are aware of the specific terms of the agreement, including their rights and responsibilities.

Who is covered by the Employment Act in Singapore?

The Employment Act covers all persons (including foreigners) working under a contract of service in Singapore except: Persons employed in executive or managerial positions earning more than $4,500 in basic monthly salary; Seamen, Domestic workers and persons employed by the Government or by a Statutory Board

How often can you pay an employee in Singapore?

Under Section 20A of the Employment Act, an employee’s salary period (or the periods which the salary earned shall be payable) can be fixed by the employer, but it must not exceed one month in length. In other words, you can either pay out an employee’s salary on a monthly or even on a weekly basis.

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