What is a notice of disciplinary Enquiry?

What is a notice of disciplinary Enquiry?

The employer needs to first hold a disciplinary hearing/enquiry. The first step in the process is that the employee needs to be informed that he (where the male is used, it also implies female) has to attend a disciplinary enquiry or, in other words, the employee must be given a notice to attend.

How do you respond to a disciplinary notice?

First, say nothing about the facts of your case to the person serving you with the notice. Sign that you received the Notice (this does not mean you agree with it) and politely leave. Do not engage in a question and answer session. This almost always hurts your case.

What is a disciplinary notice?

Disciplinary action is sometimes necessary when an employee’s behavior is negatively impacting his or her work or his or her co-workers’ work. The discipline warning is a tool that an employer uses to get an employee’s attention.

What is the difference between a disciplinary Enquiry and a disciplinary hearing?

Whereas when a formal disciplinary enquiry is held it would be on more serious grounds such as an employee facing suspension. Thereafter, a hearing is held whereby both the employer and employee must be present.

How to give notice of a disciplinary meeting?

Employers can download letter templates for giving an employee notice of a disciplinary meeting. The employee can also bring evidence to the hearing, for example emails, to show and talk about.

When do I have to go to a disciplinary hearing?

The hearing should be held as soon as possible after the investigation, while giving reasonable time for the employee to prepare. In good time before the hearing, the employer should put in writing to the employee: Employers can download letter templates for giving an employee notice of a disciplinary meeting.

When does an employer need to take disciplinary action?

Your employer should not take any disciplinary action before meeting with you first and discussing the problem. This disciplinary meeting (normally called a ‘hearing’) should be at a reasonable time and place. At the hearing your employer should:

Can a union representative come to a disciplinary meeting?

The employee should be told he can bring a work colleague or union representative to this meeting. It is important that strict confidentiality is maintained as the employee is innocent until proven otherwise and is entitled to the protection of his good name. 2. Investigation

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