Do you get money back from bankruptcy?

Do you get money back from bankruptcy?

It is sometimes possible to get all or part of an advance fee refunded from a lawyer. But if the attorney performed any work on your file—even if you didn’t end up going through with a bankruptcy—your fee goes toward paying for that work… and you may not get much, if anything, back.

Does bankruptcy delay refund?

A tax refund is an asset in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already received the return or expect to receive it later in the year. As with all assets, when you file for bankruptcy, you can keep your return if you can protect it with a bankruptcy exemption.

What happens when you receive a bankruptcy notice?

For example, if a debtor files a bankruptcy petition and lists their mortgage company as a creditor, the mortgage company will receive a Notice for Bankruptcy from the court. The notice will include the actions the creditor must take if they object to their particular debt being discharged. What Happens After a Notice for Bankruptcy is Received?

How old do you have to be to get a bankruptcy notice?

The final judgment must be for $10,000 or more and no more than 6 years old. A bankruptcy notice gives the person 21 days to comply from the date you serve the notice. If they don’t, they are committing an act of bankruptcy.

What should I do if I receive a Chapter 11 bankruptcy notice?

If you have a lawyer already handling such a matter, you will want to check with him first. Even though the Chapter 11 may impact how your case is heard, and the compensation available to you, your lawyer may be willing to continue to pursue the matter in the bankruptcy forum.

When to issue a certificate of discharge from bankruptcy?

The Official Assignee may discharge the bankrupt from bankruptcy provided at least three years have lapsed since the commencement of the bankruptcy and where the proven debts do not exceed S$500,000. In deciding whether to issue a Certificate of Discharge to the bankrupt, the Official Assignee will take into consideration factors such as:

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