What happens when you run go build?

What happens when you run go build?

go build builds the command and leaves the result in the current working directory. go install builds the command in a temporary directory then moves it to $GOPATH/bin .

What does the go build command do?

go build command is generally used to compile the packages and dependencies that you have defined/used in your project. So how go build is executing internally, what compiler executes, which directories created or deleted; Those all questions are answered by go build command flags.

Does go build run go?

Generate Go files by processing source. Generate runs commands described by directives within existing files. Those commands can run any process but the intent is to create or update Go source files. Go generate is never run automatically by go build, go get, go test, and so on.

What is the output of go build?

How does go build compile the simplest Golang program? This post is here to answer that question. If we run go build main.go it outputs an executable main that is 1.1Mb and does nothing.

What’s the difference between build and install?

Go build just compile the executable file and move it to destination. Go install do a little more. It move the executable file to $GOPATH/bin and cache all non-main packages which imported to $GOPATH/pkg. the cache will be use in the next compile if it not changed yet.

How do you run after go build?

Say you’re writing a program called simple :

  1. Create a directory: mkdir simple cd simple.
  2. Create a new module: go mod init github.com/username/simple # Here, the module name is: github.com/username/simple.
  3. Finally, run: go run .
  4. Alternatively, you can create an executable program by building it: go build . #

How do you run a build?

Compile and install the application

  1. From the command line in the hello directory, run the go build command to compile the code into an executable.
  2. From the command line in the hello directory, run the new hello executable to confirm that the code works.

How do I get a specific version?

Here are examples for using the go get command:

  1. To get a specific numbered version, append the module path with an @ sign followed by the version you want: $ go get example.com/[email protected]
  2. To get the latest version, append the module path with @latest : $ go get example.com/[email protected]

Is go run slower than go build?

cmd/go: go run pkg is significantly slower than running built binary #25416.

How do I clear my cache?

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How does go build and go install work?

Building an executable creates the executable in the current directory or the directory of your choice. Installing an executable is the process of creating an executable and storing it in $GOPATH/bin. The go install command works just like go build, but go install takes care of placing the output file in the right place for you.

Can a go executable be built on any platform?

The go build command lets you build an executable file for any Go-supported target platform, on your platform. This means you can test, release and distribute your application without building those executables on the target platforms you wish to use.

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Is it possible to cross build Go executables?

One of Go’s most powerful features is the ability to cross-build executables for any Go-supported foreign platform. This makes testing and package distribution much easier, because you don’t need to have access to a specific platform in order to distribute your package for it.

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