Is St John Ambulance government owned?

Is St John Ambulance government owned?

St John is largely self-funding, with government contracts limited to provision of ambulance services in Western Australia and Northern Territory, some community services programs and specific project grants.

Do St Johns ambulance workers get paid?

Why work for St John Ambulance? We offer a full-time permanent role where you are paid a salary, typically for working a 40-42 hour week. 25 days paid holiday, with 8 bank holidays, and additional pay for overtime and unsociable hours.

What is your understanding of St John Ambulance NT Inc?

St John Ambulance Northern Territory (St John NT) is a non-profit, charitable organisation providing first aid services and training, urgent care, patient transport, ambulance and other medical services in the Northern Territory. It has served as the primary ambulance service in the Northern Territory since 1966.

How do I contact St Johns ambulance?


  1. General enquiries. Telephone 03000 616161 Online Contact form.
  2. Specialist enquiries for… Journalist or media. Get in touch. Contact us.
  3. Report a serious concern. As a member of the public.
  4. Complaints. Complaints about a service or provider we regulate.

What religion is St John Ambulance?

Logos vary in different countries but always contain the eight-pointed white Maltese cross as the essential identifier. Like the Order, St John Ambulance associations accept members of all religions.

Why is St John Ambulance important?

St John Ambulance is a volunteer-led, charitable non-governmental organisation dedicated to the teaching and practice of first aid and the support of the national emergency response system in England. The St John Ambulance Association was founded in 1877 to provide first aid training.

Is St John Ambulance religious?

The St John movement was so powerful at the time, that it formed a new religious and military order, officially recognised by the church in 1113.

What are the responsibilities of St Johns Ambulance?

How does St John Ambulance work?

St John Ambulance community first responders (CFRs) are trained volunteers who provide emergency treatment to people in their region and are dispatched by NHS ambulance control to medical emergency (999) calls, with the scheme operating as a community partnership between St John Ambulance and local ambulance service …

Is ambulance free in NT?

Victoria, New South Wales, the NT and the ACT provide free ambulance cover for pensioners and low-income earners, but most Australians will be stung with a large call-out fee and a per kilometre charge if they don’t have health insurance or ambulance cover.

What does St John Ambulance do in Western Australia?

These activities range from assisting disadvantaged youth, to providing voluntary transport and support programs for the frail and elderly. In Western Australia St John Ambulance provides the ambulance service. This service is provided through a combination of paid and volunteer staff.

Who is the CEO of St John Ambulance?

St John WA Logo Type Charitable organisation Limited company Headquarters Belmont, Western Australia, 6104 Location Western Australia CEO Michelle Fyfe

Can you use St John Ambulance fact sheets?

None of this material can be used for general or commercial distribution, without formal permission from the Australian Office of St John Ambulance Australia Ltd. For workplace or personal use only, these fact sheets can be freely downloaded and printed, or linked to from intranet sites.

Who are the ambulance companies in Western Australia?

St John Ambulance Australia (Western Australia) Inc. (SJA) is contracted by WA Health to provide ambulance services throughout the state. SJA is a non-government incorporated association, linked to the international Order of St John. It has a long history in Western Australia (WA) as the primary provider of ambulance services, operating since 1922.

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