Do you lose Australian citizenship if you move to another country?

Do you lose Australian citizenship if you move to another country?

Since that date Australian citizens who become citizens of another country may in some circumstances become dual citizens. A person will lose Australian citizenship if it is revoked. The person became an Australian citizen as a result of migration-related fraud.

Can Australian citizen lose citizenship?

If you did not automatically become an Australian citizen, (for instance if you applied for Australian citizenship as a migrant), the Minister can revoke your citizenship in circumstances involving offences or fraud, and those offences are related to giving false and misleading information or fraudulent activity around …

How long do you need to live in Australia to become a citizen?

four years
Residence requirement Any adult who became a permanent resident on or after 1 July 2007 must have been lawfully residing in Australia for four years immediately before applying for Australian citizenship. This includes: 12 months as a permanent resident.

Do you have to be born in Australia to get citizenship?

You will also need to be eligible for Australian citizenship, for which there are many avenues. You’re therefore eligible to become an Australian if you have an Australian parent or parents, or were born and grew up for most of your childhood in the country, or if you’ve been living there legally for a specified period of time.

When do you become a permanent resident of Australia?

However, an SCV is not always a direct pathway to Australian citizenship. What you need to do to become an Australian citizen depends on when you arrived in Australia: On or before 26 February 2001: Check if you are an eligible New Zealand citizen. After 26 February 2001: You must first become a permanent resident.

Can a dual citizen of another country become an Australian citizen?

remain a citizen of another country and become an Australian citizen. Australia allows a person to have dual citizenship. Some countries do not. So you can only get dual citizenship Australia if the other country also permits dual citizenship – it has to work both ways, just adhering to one set of laws won’t do!

What are the benefits of being a citizen of Australia?

It promotes social cohesion and successful integration into the community. allow the department to take a photograph of you or provide one yourself. vote to elect members of Parliament. Citizenship also brings with it responsibilities. For example, citizens are required to: vote in elections. .

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