What is a covenant in housing?

What is a covenant in housing?

A restrictive covenant creates a deed restricted community. It is an agreement that states what a homeowner can or cannot do with their house or land. They are binding legal obligations which sellers write into the deed or contract of the property, and they can have penalties against buyers who fail to follow them.

Can you put a covenant on a house?

If you’ve purchased a property or piece of land, you should never be in the position of finding out about a Restrictive Covenant once you’ve bought the property as your Solicitor should have informed you about any Restrictive Covenants first. Restrictive Covenants can be placed on new builds or older properties.

How long do covenants on houses last?

If the covenant is attached to the land it is said to ‘run with the land’. That means it continues to apply to the land regardless of whether either the burdened or neighbouring lands have been sold on. This means a restrictive covenant can last indefinitely even if its purpose now seems obsolete.

What is an example of a covenant in real estate?

A restrictive covenant may include things that you can’t do with your property, like raise livestock. A restrictive covenant will also include things that you must do, like mow your lawn regularly. The specific restrictive covenants you need to follow will vary depending on where you live.

Do all houses have covenants?

Not at all. Restrictive covenants can be placed on older properties too and the age of the covenant doesn’t necessarily affect its validity.

Can you sell a house with a covenant?

Unlike your standard insurance policy, restrictive covenant insurance policies last a lifetime and can be passed on from owner to owner. Therefore, the property they’ve built has to be sold with a restrictive covenant indemnity policy to make it legal.

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