Who was found guilty of harassing his ex wife?

Who was found guilty of harassing his ex wife?

At Stockport magistrates court, Eckersley who is managing director of a property investment company was found guilty of harassment without violence following a trial and was ordered to pay a total of £1,500 – including £100 compensation to his wife. The court heard the couple had been childhood sweethearts having met at school when they were 14.

How to deal with harassment from your partner’s ex?

Try to keep a cool head, and avoid responding or reacting to anything your partner’s ex says or does. Save everything related to the harassment. While the harassment is going on, even if you’ve decided that you’re probably not going to involve authorities, you still need a record of everything that was written or said. [4]

Can a ex partner threaten a current relationship?

This is especially so if a current relationship is having problems and conflicts. In this case the ex partner may seem like a good alternative to the present one. In addition, any relationship can be threatened by an ex. A factor that increases the damage that is done to a couple is the fact that this activity is kept secret.

Why did Mr Eckersley harass his ex wife?

Mrs Eckersley said the two sides had agreed to contact only through lawyers following bitter rows over their living arrangements in which he had vowed to ‘crush her.’ And she alleged Eckersley hired a private investigator to stake out their £600,000 family home in Knutsford, Cheshire to record when she came and left.

What to do if your ex husband is harassing you?

If the harassment doesn’t cease, or if it is potentially illegal, then you should speak with an attorney and file a report with the police. As to whether you can sue your ex husband for harassment, ask your attorney. Talk To Someone About It Dealing with harassment is exhausting and mentally draining (not to mention terrifying).

How to establish boundaries with your husband’s ex wife?

Establish boundaries by having an open conversation with your husband’s ex-spouse — or, if you have cause for concern that things might get out of hand — with the ex-spouse and your husband. Remind her that you’d like to be involved but don’t want to take over her place as the mother of her children.

Why does my ex wife keep calling my husband?

You’ll have to accept that there needs to be a certain amount of communication between them regarding the children. The bad news is that their kids give her an excuse to pepper your husband with emails, texts and calls – always using the excuse that she needs to speak with him concerning the children.

When did Matthew Eckersley start harassing his ex wife?

Giving evidence behind screens Mrs Eckersley who attended the hearing with her partner John Wilson, 59, said: ‘We started mediation but it was not successful and by March 2017 Matthew had received a letter from my solicitor telling him not to contact me other than through solicitors

Why did man send emails to his ex wife?

After being left financially bereft from £300 legal advice over a two-year period, the father-of-two claimed it was easier to get in touch via email. One note relating to maintenance read: ‘Hi Zoe apologies for this I’ve just seen it and have made payments.

How to deal with an ex who harasses you?

Try to avoid them whenever possible. This may be difficult if you work together or socialize in the same circles. Nonetheless, the more you can break off contact with them, the easier it should be to gradually come to terms with the break up. Take note if your ex intensifies their attempts see you after you break off contact.

Is it illegal to harass an ex spouse?

Harassment can come in many forms, from verbal abuse to physical violence to stalking. Some of these acts are clearly illegal, while others might be illegal, such as verbal threats.

When did D’s ex boyfriend call her house?

When the phone rang one evening in June 2016, “D” could guess who was calling even before her mother answered. He’d called the house before—D knew it was him—but he’d always remained silent after her mother picked up. This time, the caller breathed heavily before finally identifying himself as D’s ex-boyfriend.

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