How do I leave my husband NZ?

How do I leave my husband NZ?

You don’t have to do anything official when you separate from your partner, but a separation agreement or separation order can help to keep things clear. When you separate from your partner, you can make a separation agreement, or apply to the Family Court for a Separation Order if you want to.

What is a partner NZ?

A partner is a person you are legally married to, or in a civil union or de facto relationship with, and who you live with in a genuine and stable partnership. Partners can be of the same or opposite sex. Read more on how we define partnership.

What does it mean to have a partner in New Zealand?

Firstly you need to understand that in emigration language, partner refers to everything from a spouse, to a girlfriend or boyfriend. Therefore it is important we first look to see if you match the criteria of a foreign partner.

When does a sponsored person leave New Zealand?

Sponsorship begins from the date the sponsored person arrives in New Zealand, or if they are already in New Zealand, the date their visa is granted. It ends on whichever of the following dates happen first: the date the sponsored person is granted a new visa (either with a new, or no sponsor) the date the sponsored person leaves New Zealand.

Who is a de facto partner in New Zealand?

a ‘de-facto partner’ within the meaning of the term in section 29A of the Interpretation Act 1999 (New Zealand Legislation). The Interpretation Act 1999 describes a de facto relationship as one where two people are not married or in a civil union, but living together in relationship akin to marriage or civil union.

How long does it take to get a partner visa in New Zealand?

One of the partners must be a New Zealand citizen or resident. If the partner is a New Zealand resident by virtue of previously receiving permanent residency under a partner visa scheme, 5 years must have elapsed since this happened.

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