What is the difference between strata and community title?

What is the difference between strata and community title?

Strata titles are defined by the boundaries of the building rather than the land, with an area of common property for all residents, while community titles are defined by the lot boundaries and surveyed measurements. Unit divisions are determined through structural divisions of a building, not by reference to the land.

What is community schemes in real estate?

Community Schemes are defined in the CSOS Act as “living arrangements where there is shared use of and responsibility for land/buildings such as sectional title, homeowners’ associations, retirement housing schemes, share block companies and housing cooperatives”.

What is Torrens title and what are the aims of this title?

The purpose of the Torrens system is to provide certainty of title to land. Torrens Title is a South Australian invention that revolutionised the method of recording and registering land ownership. The purpose of the Torrens system is to provide certainty of title to land.

What is standard format plan?

A standard format plan (SFP), previously known as a group title plan (GTP), defines land horizontally, using marks on the ground or a structural element of a building (e.g. survey pegs in the ground or the corner of a building). Each boundary on the plan is clearly defined using the reference marks.

What to do if your rental application is denied-apartments?

It might help to offer to pay a higher security deposit, provide additional references, or make some other concession. If the apartment community is federally funded (for example, you were denied Section 8 housing), the denial letter should detail the appeal process and the deadline for submitting your appeal.

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