What tests are done for pre-employment medical?

What tests are done for pre-employment medical?

What do pre-employment checkups include?

  • Complete Medical & Physical Examination.
  • Laboratory Investigations. Complete Blood Count. Blood Sugar Test (usually fasting) Urine Routine & Microscopy. Blood Group & Rh Factor.
  • X-Ray Chest.
  • ECG.
  • Lipid Profile.
  • Kidney function test.
  • Liver function test.
  • Optional tests. HIV. HBsAg (Hepatitis)

    How long do pre-employment medicals take?

    How long does a pre-employment medical normally take? Your medical may take between 15 to 90 minutes depending on the type and number of assessments booked.

    What are the medical test for employment?

    Some of the basic tests included in medical exams for work are:

    • CBC or complete blood count.
    • Urinalysis to look for infections.
    • Routine stool examination.
    • 2-Panel Drug Test (if necessary)
    • X-ray (chest and other body parts)
    • Physical exam.
    • Visual acuity.

    How do I prepare for a pre-employment medical exam?

    Pre-Employment Medical Exam

    1. How To Prepare For A Pre-Employment Medical Exam. Better be prepared than never.
    2. Know what will be required of you. There are different types of pre-employment medical exams.
    3. Get a good clean of your body.
    4. Avoid bad habits.
    5. Look for your medical history or your family’s medical history.
    6. Relax.

    Can you fail a medical?

    Can I fail the medical? It is not uncommon for candidates to be concerned they won’t “get through” the pre-employment medical examination because of a previous injury, or because of a medical problem. Employers cannot, and do not, exclude people because of this.

    Why do employers do medicals?

    Pre-employment medicals enable employers to hire workers who meet the health and safety demands of the role. Candidates must consider how their health and personal choices may influence their ability to meet job requirements prior to applying. This is especially relevant for roles in a high-risk industry.

    Can I drink water before medical check up?

    Do not eat or drink at least 8 – 10 hours prior to the check-up. Water, however may be freely taken to avoid dehydration effects on blood sugar and cholesterol tests in the program. Please do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to appointment as drugs and alcohol may affect some tests.

    Is clear pee bad?

    If a person experiences clear urine, they do not usually need to take any further action. Clear urine is a sign of good hydration and a healthy urinary tract. However, if they consistently notice clear urine and also have extreme or unusual thirst, it is best to speak to a doctor.

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