What is the law regarding noise from Neighbours?

What is the law regarding noise from Neighbours?

There is no law against having a party, but it is against the law to cause a noise nuisance. Everyone has a duty to ensure that their activities do not cause a serious disturbance to their neighbours.

Can I complain if my neighbors are too loud?

The next time your neighbour is making too much noise, call your local non-emergency police department (for most cities it’s 311) or call 911 to report the noise complaint. It has to be while the noise issue is in progress. You could always call your local non-emergency police line and let them know.

What to do if your Neighbours are making too much noise?

Get the council involved

  1. If you have talked to your neighbour and they are still making noise you might consider getting the local authority involved.
  2. After you complain the council will send your neighbour a letter telling them that people have complained.

Can you take your neighbour to court for noise?

If you feel that you’ve become a victim of excessive noise, you can take the matter to court. However, before you do that, consider that the court will apply a test of objective reasonableness. “A person who is too sensitive or easily irritated must consider whether he is reasonable in taking action against his neighbour.

How to take legal action against a neighbour?

Take action through the courts. If all else fails, you can take legal action against a neighbour. Taking someone to court can be expensive so it should be your last resort if nothing else works. There may be court fees and you may have to pay a solicitor. You can get free legal advice from a law centre, advice centre or Citizens Advice.

How can I get help with my noisy neighbour?

Contact our civil litigation team today to receive guidance on your neighbour problem for a fixed fee, either on 01634 811118 or by filling out an online enquiry form. Anti-social noise for your neighbours. Aggression and acts of harassment. Obstruction of access. Environmental hazards. Neighbours intruding on your privacy.

Why are noisy neighbours a problem in the UK?

A consequence of lockdown in the UK has been a surge in inquiries to law firms concerning noisy neighbours. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Lockdown has created an almost perfect storm where near-constant proximity to our neighbours collides with untypical routines and behaviour.

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