How do I connect with my 21 year old son?

How do I connect with my 21 year old son?

6 Ways Parents Can Communicate Better With Their 20-Somethings

  1. Do respect the shifts in contact during your kids’ 20s.
  2. Do observe good boundaries in cyberspace, as elsewhere.
  3. Do use the right method to reach your kids where they live.
  4. Do think twice before becoming Facebook friends with your kids — and their friends.

How do I control my anger towards my child?

Here’s how.

  1. Set limits BEFORE you get angry.
  2. Calm yourself down BEFORE you take action.
  3. Take Five.
  4. Listen to your anger, rather than acting on it.
  5. Remember that “expressing” your anger to another person can reinforce and escalate it.
  6. WAIT before disciplining.
  7. Avoid physical force, no matter what.
  8. Avoid threats.

Can a 20 year old live at home?

It is not uncommon for these types of problems to develop with young adults like your son living at home after having some kind of difficulty out in the world. It is very important, however, that you give him a clear message about what is acceptable in your home.

Is the father of my 20 year old son abusive?

His father is not abusive in any way, and has never raised a hand to him. His father is very kind, with no questions asked. Does not advise him or communicate on issues with him and has a poor listening habit. What am I to do?

Why does my 20 year old son get angry?

He gets angry easily, breaks things and tears his clothes, but does not hit anyone. He does not tell us why he left school and his fraternity, only that he does not have friends there. He says he is ashamed of his father’s job, which is manager of a fast food store.

How long has my son lived away from home?

He has never lived away from home except for 2 months when he had a job and lived with relatives. He likely flunked his online classes last semester. He also broke up with his girlfriend of two years about 3 weeks ago. Not to mention he’s stuck at home due to the pandemic, and he normally is very social.

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