What does the Federal Court of Australia deal with?

What does the Federal Court of Australia deal with?

The Federal Court of Australia is an Australian superior court of record which has jurisdiction to deal with most civil disputes governed by federal law (with the exception of family law matters), along with some summary (less serious) criminal matters. Cases are heard at first instance by single Judges.

What cases are heard in the federal circuit court?

The Court is able to hear cases in relation to human rights, bankruptcy, native title, workplace relations, trade practices, intellectual property and consumer protection. It also has the power to review some federal government decisions in areas such as social security, immigration and taxation.

What is the difference between federal court and district court?

District courts handle trials within the federal court system – both civil and criminal. Federal trial courts have also been established for a few subject-specific areas. Each federal district also has a bankruptcy court for those proceedings.

Who are the magistrates of the Federal Court?

Federal Magistrates are justices under s.72 of the Constitution, appointed under s.9 and Schedule 1 of the FM Act. The qualifications for office are the same as those of the justices of other federal courts. The FM Court commenced sitting on 3 July 2000. There were originally twelve Federal Magistrates appointed.

Where can I find list of magistrates in UK?

Magistrates’ court lists in England and Wales will be published online for the first time, making it easier to access listing information. From today (1 September 2020), the public and legal professionals can view magistrates’ court listings online on Courtserve.

Why are magistrates court cases now published online?

Courtserve will provide an additional method for the public to find out where, when and how magistrates’ court cases are taking place, bringing magistrates’ courts in line with other jurisdictions. Open justice remains a fundamental principle of the courts and tribunals operation and this change supports transparency.

Who was the original chief magistrate of the family court?

When the Court opened in 2000, it started with the original Chief Federal Magistrate, now Chief Justice of the Family Court, the Honourable Diana Bryant AO and nine other judges (then known as federal magistrates).

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