How do I dispute an expiation notice in South Africa?

How do I dispute an expiation notice in South Africa?

You can apply to the police, council or other authority that issued the expiation notice for a review of the notice on the ground that the offence was trifling. If you apply for a review and the authority agrees that the offence was trifling, the authority must notify you in writing and withdraw the expiation notice.

How do I dispute a fine in South Australia?

To dispute an enforcement action you must complete an application for review of enforcement within 30 days of the notice. You may be asked for evidence to support your application. A fee of $26.75 is payable at the time of lodgement. If payment is unsuccessful your application will not be submitted for processing.

What is an Expiable offence?

What is an expiable offence? An expiable offence is one where the law allows a particular authority (such as a police officer in traffic matters) to issue you with an expiation notice themselves rather than a summons for you to attend court for prosecution.

What does it mean to get an expiation notice?

An expiation notice is a fine issued under an Act, regulation or by-law. These types of fines include: parking fines. If you do not pay the fine or debt by the due date, you will receive a reminder notice (which includes an additional fee).

When do you get an expiation notice for a traffic offence?

If you are alleged to have committed a traffic offence you may be issued with an Expiation Notice or ‘On the Spot Fine’. That notice may be issued by the police or any number of other authorities and you will need to pay the fine unless you elect to be prosecuted.

How to obtain an expiation notice in SA?

Complete the Election for Prosecution slip on the expiation notice. You may receive a summons to attend court at a nominated time and date. Go to the speed cameras web portal – Questions about expiations. Email: [email protected]

What happens if I misspell a penalty notice?

If a notice has any errors, they will correct the errors (i.e. wrong date, wrong penalty, misspelling etc) and reissue the notice to you.

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