Can you get Italian citizenship through cousins?

Can you get Italian citizenship through cousins?

Yes. All living ancestors in the direct line between you and your ancestor from Italy will be recognized as Italian citizens in you reside in the same Consular jurisdiction. Applying with other family members, such as siblings or first cousins is possible but each will have to present a separate application.

Can I move to Italy if I marry an Italian?

Once the marriage ceremony with an Italian citizen takes places, the foreign national citizen is entitled to a residence permit for family reasons, even if before marriage he/she was illegally resident in Italy.

How do you get marriage citizenship in Italy?

The spouse of an Italian citizen may apply for citizenship by marriage after they have been married to their Italian spouse for three (3) years (if living outside of Italy). That time is halved if the applicant and the Italian spouse have minor children together, to 18 months and 1 year respectively.

Can I get Italian citizenship through my sister?

grandparents, siblings, adult children, aunts, and uncles are all included among the protected family members who cannot be returned to their country of origin or any other. These family members are eligible for a residence permit in Italy according to Article 28 of Implementing Regulation of 31 August 1999 no. 394.

Does a child born in Italy get citizenship?

Those born in Italy are not automatically Italian citizens, unless a parent is an Italian citizen; those who are born in Italy to foreign parents can become Italian at 18 (age of majority). If a cohabiting parent acquires Italian citizenship, the minor will automatically be entitled to citizenship, too.

Can you live in Italy without being a citizen?

Non-Resident Americans staying or traveling within Italy for less than three (3) months are considered non-residents. This includes persons on vacation, those taking professional trips, students registered at an authorized school, or persons performing research or independent study.

Can I live in Italy if my wife is Italian?

In most cases, the Italian government only allows the individual requesting citizenship by descent (jure sanguinis) to reside in Italy throughout the entire application process while the non – Italian spouse is generally not allowed to stay in Italy throughout the process.

Can foreigners get married in Italy?

In fact, the marriage in Italy for foreigners is admitted: according to your national law. You’ll be married by a consular or diplomatic authority of your origin country; For being “allowed in Italy” as a religion, it must not conflict with the Italian civil law.

What documents do I need to get married in Italy?

What do you need to get married in Italy?

  • A valid passport or national ID card for both parties.
  • Original birth certificate for both parties.
  • Divorce papers or death certificate if you have been previously married and divorced or widowed.

Is it possible to obtain Italian citizenship by marriage?

Italian citizenship by marriage is available for both EU and non-EU citizens interested in immigrating to this country. With the help of our immigration lawyers in Italy, obtaining citizenship by marriage can be subject to a speedier procedure. We can also help you apply for a residence permit in Italy.

How to immigrate to Italy as a non EU citizen?

Those who want to immigrate to Italy must enquire with the Italian embassy or consulate in their countries and ask information on the documents needed. Non-EU citizens must first apply for a temporary residence permit which is issued for a period of 5 years, followed by the application for the Italian permanent residence permit.

Who is required to apply for an Italian residence permit?

With the help of our immigration lawyers in Italy, foreigners can benefit from complete services related to moving to this country. With a vast experience in immigration matters, our Italian lawyers can offer the necessary support to those interested in relocating to Italy for various reasons. Who is required to apply for a visa for Italy?

How long do you have to live in Italy to become an Italian citizen?

Through naturalization, the requirement for living in Italy has been lowered to 3 years if the foreigner’s grandparents were Italian citizens and if the foreigner’s place of birth was in Italy. Nationals associated with European Union member states must live in Italy for 4 years.

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