What carrier does TeleChoice use?

What carrier does TeleChoice use?

TeleChoice mobile network uses part of Telstra’s 4G and 3G mobile network.

How do I activate TeleChoice?

Once you have received your TeleChoice welcome pack you will need to initiate the activation and transfer of your number by contacting our activations team on 1300 835 324 and selecting ‘option 2’.

What is Data Bank TeleChoice?

What is Data Banking? Data Banking allows you to save your included data and use it later when it suits you. Data that you don’t use in the month, will be saved in your Data Bank for when you need it the most. You can store up to 30GB^ of unused data on our small and xsmall plans and up to 100GB^ on all other plans.

How do I check my TeleChoice usage?

Just dial *159# and your current usage (up to 100% of your plan inclusions) will be displayed instantly by return message.

How can I contact TeleChoice?

We remain operational and are here to help you via Live Chat or on 1300 83 53 24 between 10am-6pm AEST.

What companies do phone plans?

In Australia, there are three mobile networks: Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. These networks offer 3G, 4G and 5G network coverage, however you might find access to these networks depends on where you live and what your phone is capable of connecting to.

What is data bank concept?

In database management and information architecture, a data bank or databank is a repository of information on one or more subjects – a database – that is organized in a way that facilitates local or remote information retrieval and is able to process many continual queries over a long period of time.

What is Data Bank Vodafone?

Data Bank allows customers to save up to 200GB of unused data when they recharge on a $10-$60 Combo Plus plan before expiry. When a customer has used the data allowance on their current plan and their recharge has not yet expired, they will automatically begin to use the data saved in their Data Bank.

How much is the TeleChoice mobile phone plan?

All plans include unlimited national calls, SMS and MMS, unlimited international SMS, and the option of adding on an international call pack. The Small plan gets you 4.5GB for $16 per month, the $25 Medium plan includes 20GB per month, for the $35 Large plan, you’ll get 35GB per month and for $45 on the Extra Large plan, you’ll get 55GB.

How long has TeleChoice been in the market?

TeleChoice has been kicking around all the way since 1995, with extensive experience in running telecommunications. When you have your own handset and just want a phone plan to go with it, they have a huge range of options to suit your needs. Many different data options to choose from. International inclusions on some plans.

How to call from overseas with TeleChoice mobile?

If calling from Overseas call on +61 2 806 926 38 [Toll free when calling from your TeleChoice mobile. If any other service, roaming charges apply]

Do you have to pay upfront with TeleChoice?

TeleChoice only offers its plans on a post-paid basis, including its phone and plan bundles. However if paying upfront is your preference, you can opt for a ‘prepay’ deal, which can save you some money long-term.

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