Is the driver always at fault?

Is the driver always at fault?

Generally speaking, under California law, if someone hits you from behind, the accident is virtually always that driver’s fault, regardless of the reason you stopped. A basic rule of the road requires that a driver be able to stop safely if a vehicle stops ahead of the driver.

Who decides which driver was at fault in an accident?

Insurance company adjusters determine fault in an auto accident after reviewing the police report and other evidence. They may also ask you and the other driver questions about the collision to try to piece together a reliable narrative of what happened.

Is an accident considered negligence?

In order to have a case for Negligence, actual losses or damages must result from the accident. There must be some actual injury to the victim. Sometimes, accidents just happen and nobody is at fault. Other times, accidents are caused by Negligence and there are legal consequences.

When does someone else cause an accident with your car?

Since your car insurance works much the same way when you lend it to someone and when you’re driving it yourself, your premiums will go up if someone else causes an accident in your vehicle, just like they would if you caused an accident.

Can a teenage driver get into an accident?

If your teenage child has a license they should be added as a named insured on your policy, which means they’ll be covered if they get into an accident while driving your car. A teenage driver with a permit will generally be covered by your insurance while they’re learning to drive even if they’re not officially listed on your policy.

What happens if someone borrows your car and causes an accident?

If someone borrows your car and causes an accident, your insurance will cover them, but they’ll be on the hook for any damage that exceeds your coverage limits. Your auto insurance is there to protect you from financial liability in case of a car accident — but what if the accident happens when you’re not driving your own car?

Can a spouse be held liable for a drunk driving accident?

This is called negligent entrustment, and you could be held personally liable for the harm caused in an accident of the drunk driving spouse. Since this isn’t a psychology or morality blog, let’s skip to the part about how to legally protect yourself.

What happens when another driver has an accident in your car?

No one can predict the future. You may loan your car to a friend, roommate, or family member, only to get a call that an accident has happened in your car. It is important to really understand your coverages and how car insurance works if another driver crashes your car.

Can a car company take away my wife’s house?

If the car is in the wifes name and the insurance is in the wifes name and it was her fault, and if the home is in joint names they cant touch the house.. your lawyer, provided by the carrier can explain all this to you and no doubt will. If he doesnt volunteer, ask him. * This will flag comments for moderators to take action.

What happens if your spouse drinks and drives?

If your spouse drinks and drives, hurts someone, and is sued, you could lose everything acquired during the marriage.

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