What was the role of the husband in the Victorian era?

What was the role of the husband in the Victorian era?

In case of a dispute, the husband was expected to dismiss the subject with a kind word. The husband should give his wife his entire confidence and share the income, expected income with her so that a desired sum of money is given to the wife at a regular and habitual way to run the household effectively.

What was the role of the father in the Victorian family?

In wealthy homes, the father was the head of the family and his word was never questioned. His role was to go to work and provide for the family. A woman’s place was in the home. Her role was that of a good wife and mother. She was not expected, and often not allowed, to work.

What did the Victorian family do for fun?

The Victorian family spent a lot of time together at home. They would gather in the drawing room to sing songs around the piano. Children were treated in a strict manner by their parents. They were expected to dress formally, just like adults, although their clothes were different.

What was the wife’s role in a divorce?

The wife was expected to never display her smiles, her best conduct and nature and her accomplishments exclusively away from home. She was expected to render proper sense and judgment while considering the expenses.

The husband would be largely restrained by the purity, chastity and the refinement of the wife. The lowering of dignity and the looseness of expression and the vulgarity of words might greatly affect the standard of the husband’s purity of morals and speech.

What kind of jobs did women have in Victorian times?

These women would be employed in jobs that required skills, often ones that had been acquired during their time in the upper and middle classes, such as teachers and governesses. Some even worked in shops or as bookkeepers.

What did rich and poor women wear in Victorian times?

Aside from the work (or lack thereof) that upper class Victorian women did, the most interesting and noticeable way to distinguish between rich and poor women was clothing. The images we have today of Victorian women, clad in fine fabrics, grand dresses, bonnets and petticoats, are the clothes of the upper classes.

How did young women in the Victorian era Die?

However, many of these young women had their lives cut tragically short by untreated sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), which of course they passed on to a great many of their customers who could also fall victim to the more fatal side of the trade.

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