Can my employer force me to job share?

Can my employer force me to job share?

If your formal request is refused, a job share cannot be forced on you. It is up to you whether you decide to accept the offer of a job share (if this is offered after your formal application) or return to your original full time position. Equally, you have no automatic right to part time work.

Can my company force me to use my personal phone for work?

This is not a universal rule and there is no legal precedent that requires them to do so. While you can refuse to use your own device for work, do so knowing that there is a chance that you will get into some type of trouble, including the possibility of termination.

Can I be forced to go full time?

Unless your employer has a contractual right to do this (which is unlikely), your employer cannot change your role from a part-time to a full-time role without your agreement. If your employer attempts to change your terms and conditions of employment without your consent, you have a number of options.

What is important when job sharing?

Like a happy marriage, effective job sharing requires trust, flexibility, and compatibility between partners. This is why if you are going to share your job you take your time finding the right teammate. Your job-share partner should have a similar professional style, work ethic, career goals and values as you.

What happens if my job share partner leaves?

What happens when a job share partner leaves? This means that if one job share partner leaves and a replacement cannot be found to cover the remaining hours, the contract of the remaining job sharer may be terminated if no other part time post or alternative job share can be identified.

What do you need to know about job share employment contract?

This contract complies with the Employment Rights Act 1996, Working Time Regulations 1998, the Employment Act 2002, and includes the following sections: 1. General 2. Scope 3. Duties and Job Title 4. Date of Commencement/Date of Continuous Employment 5. Hours of Work 6. Place of Work 7. Work outside the UK 8. Remuneration and Benefits 9.

When to seek guidance on job share arrangements?

Guidance on job share arrangements can be sought from Human Resources when a post becomes vacant, or when a request to job share is received from an existing full-time employee. All full-time posts are deemed to be potentially open to job sharing.

When does a job share do not work?

If the job share partners are not compatible personalities who genuinely like and trust each other and can work together well, the job share will not work. Then, employees are forced to re-examine the entire decision-making path that led them to the decision to job share.

How to form a job sharing work unit?

Find a job or several potential job classes of interest. Make initial contact with the agency or manager. Develop a plan. Consider all the aspects and potential issues of job sharing for the work unit. Create a work plan that outlines the specifics of the arrangement for the work unit.

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