How do I file a DOJ complaint?

How do I file a DOJ complaint?

Procedure for complaints: 1. Go to DOJ Action Center and directly report any complaint relative to the service/transaction; OR 2. Contact the Prosecution Staff office at: a. Telephone : (02) 523-8481 local 281; b.

How do I complain about a civil servant?

Raising a Complaint in the Department

  1. talk to their line manager or someone in their line management chain.
  2. if this is difficult, talk to your organisation’s Nominated Officer, whocan advise you about the Code.
  3. give the department or agency time to consider the complaint.

How do I contact the Civil Service Commission?

The public may reach the CCB by calling 1-6565, sending a text message to 0908-8816565, or an email to [email protected]. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Where can I Lodge a grievance against my employer?

Employees must be informed of their rights to lodge a grievance and where the applicable Grievance Application Form can be obtained. All grievances may be lodged with the direct superior, or alternative superior/ Human Resource Department if the employee feels more comfortable doing so.

Can a grievance be lodged at Annexure A Mu St?

1. An employee may lodge a grievance with an employee desi gnated to facilitate the resolution of grievances in the department. 2. The prescribed form at Annexure A mu st be used when a grievance is lodged. 3. The designated employee must liaise with t he relevant structures of authority of the department in an attempt to resolve the grievance.

How to identify grievances in Personnel Management?

A considerable amount of time must be invested by the HR person to talk to the employees to understand their grievances. Identifying employees’ grievances can be a challenge in personnel management.

Who is the complainant in a grievance letter?

For the avoidance of doubt, in the grievance procedures YOU are the “complainant”. Therefore, the burden of proof is on you! The employee grievance letter to the ‘Human Remains Department’ needs to accomplish three things:

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