Is it true that your spouse is hiding debt?

Is it true that your spouse is hiding debt?

As you examine the statements, what you discover may be shocking. Your spouse wasn’t just deceiving you about debt; it’s likely that he or she was hiding habits (perhaps even vices) that cost a pretty penny. Your mate’s secret spending has to stop (and the habit itself addressed). The debt has to be repaid.

Who is responsible for a spouse’s debt after marriage?

In common law states, debt taken on after marriage is usually treated as being separate and belonging only to the spouse that incurred them. The exception is those debts that are in the spouse’s name only, but benefit both partners.

Where do you not have to pay your spouse’s wedding debt?

They are Arizona, California, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. In these community-property states, you are not liable for most of your spouse’s debt that was incurred before marriage, but any debt incurred after the wedding is automatically shared—even when applied for individually. 3 3. Personality

How does debt affect your credit when you get married?

It’s the debt you acquire while you’re married that can affect your credit (knowing whether or not you live in a community property state doesn’t hurt either). Your credit will also not be affected by your new spouse, unless you cosign for their loans. Just remember, having a conversation about debt is the key.

How can I get Out of my wife’s debts?

The answer? Put a ‘notice of correction’ on your credit file, easily carried out by contacting a credit reference agency such as Equifax, explaining the situation. It may be sensible to make sure all of your finances – savings, current accounts and loans – are entirely separate from those of your wife or husband.

How much money have you spent without your spouse knowing?

Last month, declared the results of its poll of 845 adults… Roughly 1 in 5 Americans who are in a relationship admit they have spent $500 or more without their partner’s knowledge.

Do you have to honour your wife’s debts?

Your wife’s lust for shoes and bags could land your family in financial ruin, or your husband could spend it all down the bookies. But do you have to honour a partner’s debts? Alan O’Sullivan investigates… Addicted: Films like Confessions of a Shopaholic trivialise excessive spending.

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