How do I make a claim for pavement tripping?

How do I make a claim for pavement tripping?

The first step to making pavement accident claims is to get in touch with our friendly, legally trained advisors on 0800 376 0150. They’ll ask you a few questions about what happened and the injuries you suffered as a result of your slip, trip or fall.

What is a uneven pavement?

Uneven pavement can be caused by differing heights, improperly laid slabs, soil and weather erosion, cracks, and other potentially hazardous conditions that develop over time. In some cases, a slip and fall on uneven pavement may result in minor injuries.

Can I sue the local council?

Councils and local authorities are legally required to ensure that pavements, roads and other council property are safe for public use. To sue a council for compensation it will be necessary to prove your injury was a result of the council’s negligence.

Can I sue if I fall on a sidewalk?

In certain circumstances, you can sue for a sidewalk injury. The question will be whether whoever owned or was responsible for the sidewalk was negligent. The municipality that owned the sidewalk; or. The property owner responsible for creating a sidewalk trip hazard.

Why are verges and footpaths considered public land?

Verges are classified as public land as the Local Government Act provides that a road extends from property boundary to property boundary and includes the carriageway, footpaths and verge. Establishing a verge garden helps to beautify local streets, shows pride in your neighbourhood and builds a strong sense of community.

What are the responsibilities of a local council?

Councils have responsibility for a wide range of functions, including maintenance of roads, parks and cemeteries, water supply, sewerage, and stormwater drainage. Common complaints about councils involve injury or damage to property from potholes, obstacles on footpaths, falling branches, flooding or subsidence.

What happens if you are involved in a council accident?

Being involved in a council or local authority accident, regardless of how serious the public place accident was, can be a traumatic experience – whether you have sustained any injuries or not. In cases where you are involved in a council or local authority accident that was not your fault, there may be a legal remedy.

Why do people make claims against city councils?

Poor road conditions are generally a leading cause of road traffic accidents. Claims against city councils are commonly made as a result of potholes or uneven road surfaces which are a potential hazard for vehicles.

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