What happens if you speed on green PS?

What happens if you speed on green PS?

Learner and P1 licence holders will have their licence suspended for at least 3 months for any speeding offence. *Only if police record the speed.

What happens if you speed on P plates?

Speeding Penalty Rules Learner and P1 plate drivers may have their licence suspended for at least three months for a single driving offence. L and P plate drivers receive a minimum of four demerit points and a fine for any speeding offence and face immediate suspension for speeding more than 30km/h over the limit.

How long do you have to hold P2 licence to get full licence?

Once you have held your P2 licence for 24 months, you will be required to complete the Driver Qualification Test to graduate to a full licence. You will not be subject to the 6 month tenure extension if you receive a suspension for unsafe driving behaviour.

Are there any restrictions on a P1 licence?

Probationary P1 driver licence restrictions Show more Must carry driver licence when driving. Must display red P plates. Must not use a mobile phone of any kind. Must not tow another motor vehicle or a trailer. Must not drive a probationary prohibited vehicle. Must not carry more than one peer passenger aged 16 to less than 22 years of age.

How many demerit points do you have on your P2 licence?

Demerit points apply to P2 drivers. Your P2 licence will be suspended or refused if you reach or exceed 7 demerit points. P2 drivers who receive a suspension for unsafe driving behaviour must stay on their P2 licence for an extra 6 months for every suspension they receive.

What are the conditions for a provisional P2 licence?

This condition remains until you are issued with a provisional P2 or unrestricted licence. To remove the condition earlier, you must pass a driving test in a manual vehicle. All learner and provisional drivers must clearly display their L and P plates on the front and back of the outside of the vehicle – the letters must not be hidden.

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