Where did mother and daughter move after separation?

Where did mother and daughter move after separation?

Following separation, the daughter lived with her mother and by arrangement, spent time with her father. In January 2008, the mother moved with her daughter to a regional area South West of Sydney (referred to in the judgment as “M”). It would appear uncontroversial that this step was taken without notice to the father.

Can a mother take a child away from a father?

Yes, but not without reason. The mother would need to prove to the court that the father is somehow unfit as a parent, or that his involvement is not in the child’s best interest. Depending on the specific child custody order, the mother has no right to remove visitation rights from the child’s father without court interference.

What happens when parents separate for the first time?

Separating parents When parents separate one of the most important issues to resolve is what arrangements will be made for the children. This can include issues such as where the children will live, how often the children will see the other parent, child maintenance, schooling and education.

Can a parent move with their child before a court date?

If a parent would like to relocate with their child, the relocating parent should have a plan in place prior to the court date. For example, in child relocation cases, the parent requesting the move will be expected to know of possible schools and activities for the child in the new location.

Can a parent move away from the child?

It is not amicable btw… One parent can move away. Whether a court would agree that that parent could take the child with them is another matter. The father could apply to court for a prohibited steps order to stop the daughter being taken away.

Why does a judge want a parent to move?

Those factors include: Age and Maturity of the Child – For older children, a judge might want to speak with the child to assess whether or not the child prefers to live with the relocating or the non-relocating parent.

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