Can an arborist tell if a tree has been poisoned?

Can an arborist tell if a tree has been poisoned?

Call in an Arborist Not only will they help you to determine if poison is to blame for your tree’s decline, but they can act quickly to save your tree before the damage is too great. If you’d like more information about tree services, contact a local arborist.

How do you revive a poisoned tree?

Here is how to save a poisoned tree….Washing out the poison in the ground

  1. Simply water the tree abundantly, soaking the soil down to a foot (30 cm).
  2. Repeat after a week, and then again after a week. All in all, three soakings should be enough.
  3. After thus rinsing the soil thrice, stop rinsing the soil out.

What kind of tree did my neighbour poison?

Well my neighbour has poisoned my Fig (Benjamina ?) tree. He has admitted to poisoning it. But he says it was accidentaly, spray drift over a 6ft fence! He has actually poisoned the grass all the way around it about 3metre diameter, along the fence line, and another shrub.

Is it an offence to cut back a neighbour’s tree?

If you do then you could be committing the offence of criminal damage and find yourself facing court charges and a fine. Under common law you can, however, cut back any part of the tree, including roots that encroach on your boundary but only as far as the boundary line.

What should I do if my tree was poisoned?

Too bad you took the bottle down from the tree. Call the local police, but since you’ve tampered with the evidence, it might not turn out as you’d like. They have the resources to test the substance if they are willing. GOOD LUCK! The Virginia Department of Agriculture regulates pesticides in the Commonwealth. I’d touch base with them.

Are there any cases of tree poisoning in Australia?

In 2016, an elderly Geelong couple pleaded guilty to criminal damage and were fined $3,500 each after poisoning more than 40 cypress trees on neighbouring properties, but Mr Hallam said such convictions were rare. Photo: A neighbour’s tree crashes into a home and car in outer Melbourne. (ABC News: James Dean)

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