Is IKEA getting sued?

Is IKEA getting sued?

The Swedish furniture retailer Ikea agreed to pay a $46 million settlement in a wrongful-death lawsuit brought by the parents of a California toddler who was crushed to death by a popular dresser model that had been recalled after at least five other children were killed.

How many kids died from IKEA furniture?

eight children
Ikea furniture has killed eight children. Millions of recalled dressers may still be out there.

How do I return an IKEA dresser recall?

If you do not want the chest or dresser in your home and desire a refund, you should bring it back to your closest IKEA store or contact IKEA by emailing [email protected] or calling toll free at (866) 856-4532 (for KULLEN recall) or (866) 856-4532 (for June 2016 recall) to have IKEA come to your home and remove the …

Do all IKEA dressers tip-over?

“IKEA believes that the risk of tip-over incidents is reduced when chests of drawers and other select clothing storage units are properly attached to the wall.” Virtually all dressers have the potential to tip, but Ikea’s have proved particularly hazardous, a USA TODAY investigation found.

Has anyone died in IKEA?

Jozef Dudek was 2 when he was killed by an Ikea dresser that fell on top of him at his family’s home in California. At least eight children are believed to have been killed by dressers that the Swedish furniture giant has recalled, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

How many kids die from dresser?

In fact, from 2000 to 2018, at least 210 people, mostly children, have died as a result of falling furniture that stores clothing such as dressers and bureaus. Additionally, tens of thousands have been injured in recent years. Countless more have had near-misses or minor injuries that have never been reported.

Is IKEA discontinuing Malm?

According to Ikea, the company has received 186 reports of Malm chests and dressers tipping over, including 91 reports of the line injuring children. Ikea discontinued sales of the Malm furniture line in 2016, when the first toddler deaths were reported.

Why is IKEA out of Malm dressers?

In 2016, Ikea recalled millions of Malm chests of drawers in North America over safety concerns. It was the largest recall in the company’s history. Initially, the company warned customers to use wall mounts with them, but the death of a third child prompted the action.

Can I still return my IKEA Malm dresser?

Consumers are entitled to a full refund for chests and dressers manufactured between January 2002 and June 2016. Consumers can install the kit themselves or IKEA will provide a one-time, free in-home installation service, upon request.

Do I need a receipt for a recall?

Australian recall guidelines exist, but they’re not mandatory and suppliers don’t necessarily comply. In fact, the minimum requirements for a product recall can pretty well be met by notifying the Commonwealth minister for consumer affairs, issuing a recall notice and hoping consumers hear the message.

Why was there a complaint against IKEA in Switzerland?

The complaint was the result of BMF following up on a report released by the U.K.-based NGO Earthsight in June, which found illegal logging activities by some of Ikea’s suppliers in Romania and Ukraine. A similar investigation focusing on Romania, carried out by a Swiss consumer television show, confirmed Earthsight’s findings.

Where did IKEA get their wood from to make their furniture?

“Labeling Ingolf as ‘unknown’ speaks for itself, since we know through the investigations that Ingolf has illicitly sourced wood from Ukraine,” Schälle said. “We assume that this is a conscious cover-up tactic by Ikea.”

What kind of chairs are sold in IKEA in Switzerland?

The BMF researchers looked at 12 chairs and 12 tables sold in Ikea’s Swiss stores, including the internationally best-selling chair models Ingolf and Terje, which had been traced by Earthsight. The researchers checked the labels on the chairs at five Swiss Ikea stores and documented their findings in an Excel chart that Mongabay has reviewed.

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