What does it mean to be covered by an award?

What does it mean to be covered by an award?

What sorts of things do awards cover? Awards cover things like pay, overtime rates and conditions, special leave arrangements, special allowances and hours of work. They identify conditions over and above the minimum required by legislation.

Which employees do Awards cover?

Modern awards apply to all employees covered by the national workplace relations system. Modern awards are industry or occupation-based, and apply to employers and employees who perform work covered by the award. You can find out which modern award applies using our Award Finder Tool.

Who is not covered by awards?

those classes of employees who, because of the nature or seniority of their role, have not traditionally been covered by awards including managerial employees and professional employees such as accountants and finance, marketing, legal, human resources, public relations and information technology specialists” (clause …

What allowances are employees likely to receive?

Common allowances include:

  • uniforms and special clothing.
  • tools and equipment.
  • travel and fares.
  • car and phone.
  • first-aid.
  • leading hand / supervisor.
  • industry of employment (for example building and construction).

    Who is covered by clerks award?

    Employees engaged to perform solely clerical work are covered by the Clerks-Private Sector Award 2010. Let’s say, for arguments sake, the Clerks Award provides that an employee doing this work must be paid $25 per hour.

    How to determine if an employee is covered by an award?

    Whether an employee is covered by an award or not can be difficult to determine. However, it is important for businesses to determine what award/s apply so that you can provide the correct terms and conditions to your employees.

    Can a company be covered by more than one award?

    If you can’t find your occupation or industry using the above you can also view the List of awards page. Can an employer be covered by more than one award? An employer can be covered by more than one award depending on the jobs the employees do. Jo runs a building and construction business.

    Where can I find list of Fair Work awards?

    Find what award applies using the List of awards. Search the Fair Work Commission website for a registered agreement. Check Wages and conditions if there is no award or registered agreement that covers the employee’s job. Learn more about Employment contracts.

    Which is award applies to my…?

    The Commission considered the issue and held that Mr Kaufman’s role fell within the definition of a “property sales representative” within the Real Estate Industry Award 2010 and consequently the award did apply to his employment. On this basis, Mr Kaufman was able to bring an unfair dismissal claim.

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