What happens when a contractor does bad work?

What happens when a contractor does bad work?

Besides the obvious frustration, firing your contractor could also become a legal issue. Notably, your contractor may sue you in court, on the grounds that you have breached your contract with them. Dealing with a professional contractor normally involves a mix of written and verbal contracts.

Can you not pay a contractor for bad work?

Defective or Incomplete Work In some situations, you can withhold payment because the goods or services were defective and incomplete. The other side cannot claim payment as they failed to deliver the goods or services to a standard that would trigger payment.

What happens if you fire your contractor?

Termination for cause is considered a drastic sanction, and will be upheld by a court only upon good grounds and solid evidence. Wrongful termination exposes the owner to breach of contract damages, including the contractor’s lost profit on the entire contract.

What constitutes poor workmanship?

What Is Poor Workmanship? Workmanship refers to the quality and skill a contractor puts into completing a project. Poor workmanship typically arises when a contractor fails to follow industry quality standard practices, construction documents, or the installation instructions from the manufacturer.

When do you need to fire a subcontractor?

If such a situation arises, discuss the need to remove the subcontractor from the job site with the general contractor. If the general contractor fails to handle the situation, further action may be required on your part. The bulk of the problems around firing contractors revolves around money.

Can you fire a contractor working on your home?

In fact, it’s never easy to fire anyone, let alone someone working on your own home. However, certain situations arise that warrant terminating a contract with a builder. Oftentimes, homeowners do not protect themselves when firing a contractor, and the end result are liens, litigations, and lost time.

What happens if you have a wonderful contractor who hires horrible subcontractors?

If you have a wonderful contractor who hires horrible subcontractors, the sum of the work starts to look a little less rosy. Like a business manager, part of a contractor’s skill should be in hiring good people, and the contractor who shrugs his shoulders in apology for bad subcontractors is passing blame that is really his.

When to fire a contractor for bad communication?

If communication is vague, difficult to understand or delivered with ill temper, your contractor isn’t doing an important part of his job. In addition to timely and good-natured communication, your contractor should be able to convey exactly what’s going on.

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