What is the sentence for handling stolen goods?

What is the sentence for handling stolen goods?

“A person guilty of handling stolen goods shall on conviction on indictment be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.” Although the maximum prison sentence for handling stolen goods is 14 years, there are various factors taken into account when assessing the appropriate sentence.

What type of crime is handling stolen goods?

In many jurisdictions, if an individual has accepted possession of goods or property and knew they were stolen, then the individual is typically charged with a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the value of the stolen goods and the good and or property is returned.

Can you get in trouble for accidentally buying stolen goods?

Have you committed a crime if you buy stolen goods Handling stolen goods is a crime but you’re unlikely to be arrested if you didn’t know the goods you bought were stolen. Tell the police as soon as you discover or suspect you’ve bought stolen goods. Stop using them.

Is handling stolen goods theft?

The ‘handling’ offence Handling stolen goods is an offence that is triable either way. The offence is committed while the defendant is acting otherwise than in the course of stealing. If the person who stole the goods is specified in the indictment evidence will have to be called to prove that part of the offence.

Can I steal my own property?

No. One steals by the taking property in the lawful possession of another with intent to deprive the lawful owner of that property either temporarily or permanently. A person who has stolen your property hardly has it in their *lawful* possession.

Who was in jail for handling stolen goods?

He was sentenced to four years after previously pleading guilty to conspiracy to handle stolen goods. Luke Heron, 25, and Kelvin Harding, 28, were jailed for four years after being convicted of handling stolen goods. Michael Fear, 58, was found guilty of two charges of handling stolen goods, was sentenced to two years and two months in prison.

Can a person be found guilty of jointly handling stolen goods?

(2) On the trial of two or more persons indicted for jointly handling any stolen goods the jury may find any of the accused guilty if the jury are satisfied that he handled all or any of the stolen goods, whether or not he did so jointly with the other accused or any of them.

Can a thief be charged with handling stolen goods?

A thief can be guilty of both the theft of the goods and for handling stolen goods if he or she continues to hold on to the items after the theft has been committed. Anybody who is caught handling stolen goods can face a sentence in prison.

How does a person handle a stolen property?

(1) A person handles stolen goods if (otherwise than in the course of the stealing) knowing or believing them to be stolen goods he dishonestly receives the goods, or dishonestly undertakes or assists in their retention, removal, disposal or realisation by or for the benefit of another person, or if he arranges to do so.

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