Can you sue someone for perjury?

Can you sue someone for perjury?

A witness who intentionally lies under oath has committed perjury and could be convicted of that crime. A person who falsely accuses you of a crime when he was not under oath could be sued for slander.

Can you lie to a judge?

Perjury is considered a crime against justice, since lying under oath compromises the authority of courts, grand juries, governing bodies, and public officials. Other crimes against justice include criminal contempt of court, probation violation, and tampering with evidence.

Can a person bound by A VRO go to work?

A VRO may have conditions that mean the person bound cannot go to where they live (for example, in a shared house context) and/or work For other situations where you are required to take (if the VRO is between work colleagues) to get their property. If they do they may breach the VRO.

How long can A VRO against an adult last?

Unless varied or cancelled, a final VRO against an adult usually lasts for two years, and up to six months against a child or young person. You can ask for an order against an adult to be longer if you prove it is necessary, or it can be shorter. Criminal courts can also make lifelong VROs in some circumstances.

Can A VRO prevent you from getting a gun?

Normally a VRO prevents the respondent from having or getting a gun or a licence for a gun. Also, if a respondent already has a gun and/or a gun licence, they must give it up to the police if the VRO prohibits them from having one. If the court is not going to order that the respondent must give up their gun they should tell you.

How to get a violence restraining order ( VRO )?

To get a VRO you must be able to show the court that: • the respondent has committed personal violence and is likely in the future to commit personal violence against you, or • you have reasonable grounds to apprehend they will commit personal violence against you.

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