How long is subclass 461?

How long is subclass 461?

The assessment of the 461 is similar to a subclass 309/100 application. The service standards set out by the DIBP for these applications are six months for low risk, and eight months for high-risk applicants. This is a more realistic time frame for the 461.

How do I extend my 461 visa?

You can renew your visa, even if your relationship with the Special Category visa holder has ended provided that:

  1. you have maintained Australian residency; you must have been in Australia for a total of at least two years in the last five years.
  2. you continue to meet standard health and character requirements.

How do I use subclass 461?

Submit a valid application before any existing visa expires.

  1. Pay the application charge. See how to pay.
  2. Complete Form 147 Application for a New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship visa (subclass 461) (465KB PDF).
  3. Attach:
  4. Post or courier your application:

Can subclass 461 get Medicare?

Whilst on a 461 visa, you would have full work, travel and study rights. You must maintain adequate health insurance whilst on a 461 visa – this would either be Medicare (if you are from a country with a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement), or private health insurance.

What happens if you overstay your Australian visa?

If you overstay your Australian visa for more than 28 days, the situation will be worse for you. It will lead you to an exclusion period once you apply for another Australian visa. It means your future visa application will not be granted for a minimum of three years.

How long does it take to get a subclass 461 visa?

Processing times for subclass 461 visas. The processing times for the subclass 461 visa, for the foreign partner of a New Zealand Citizen in Australia, were: N/A indicates that insufficient visas were finalised to produce meaningful statistics. Probably under 5.

When to apply for 461 visa in Australia?

Hi there! I have submitted my application for a 461 visa (partner of a NZ citizen) in August 2018 in Australia. The processing time is now 19 to 20 months. Has anyone received a visa before the indicated processing time? My application should be considered low risk, pretty straight forward.

Do you need a substantive visa to apply for sublcass 461?

If you are offshore, you can apply for the sublcass 461 visa without needing to hold another type of visa first. If you are onshore you need to hold a substantive visa when you lodge your application.

What do you need to know about temporary residence visa 461?

All applicants that apply for a Temporary Residence visa subclass 461 must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance while in Australia. If you belong to a country that has reciprocal health arrangements with Australia, you maybe exempt from this requirement.

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