Who owns the boundary retaining wall?

Who owns the boundary retaining wall?

2. Who is responsible for a retaining wall? Unless the title deeds make specific reference to responsibility for a wall, it is generally accepted that the person whose land is retained by the wall is responsible for its repair and maintenance.

Can you take down and rebuild a retaining wall?

Regardless of what’s caused the retaining walls outside of your home to falter over time, there are solutions to repair the damage, and in some instances, completely rebuilding the retaining wall and tearing down the current structure is the best solution.

What happens if you disagree with your neighbour about a wall or fence?

HousingProblems where you liveIf you disagree with your neighbour about a wall or fence Coronavirus Coronavirus Eviction laws have changed – your landlord might have to give you more notice. Court actions are also postponed. You can check what to do if you can’t pay your rent because of coronavirus.

What to do if your neighbour wants to repair your fence?

If the wall or fence is safe and there’s nothing about repairing it in your legal documents, it’s up to you whether you do what your neighbour’s asking. If you’re not sure what to do, you can get help at your nearest Citizens Advice.

Do you have to give your neighbour permission to build a wall?

You shouldn’t make any changes to walls or fences without their permission. Before you can solve the problem, you need to know where the boundary between your homes is. This will help you to understand whose property the wall or fence is on or whether it’s shared between you.

How can I find out where my neighbour’s wall is?

Before you can solve the problem, you need to know where the boundary between your homes is. This will help you to understand whose property the wall or fence is on or whether it’s shared between you. The best way to find out is to check the legal documents you got when you bought your home.


Boundary Walls A boundary wall is a wall that is used to separate two parcels of land. Such a wall may wholly belong to the owner of one of the parcels of land and be built entirely on that owner’s land, in which case the boundary will usually run along the face of the wall.

Can a neighbour build a retaining wall on your land?

If your neighbour does something to their land, such as excavate the land and build a retaining wall on their land, and the action of doing so has caused your land to subside then you have a right of action against them. This rule is built on the principle that “a man must use his own land in a way that does not injure his neighbour”.

When to question the ownership of a retaining wall?

a landowner who owns a retaining wall that supports his own land is under a general duty of careto maintain the wall in such a condition that his land is prevented from collapsing onto his neighbour’s lower land. It is usually when a retaining wall (on a boundary) falls into disrepair that its ownership comes into question.

Who is responsible for retaining wall in Vancouver?

Vancouver Generally speaking, if a fence or retaining wall is on your neighbour’s side of the property line, then they’re responsible for paying for it. Where it is on the property line, they need to get your permission before building it, and should attempt to come to an agreement on the price.

What is the difference between a boundary wall and a retaining wall?

Boundary wall, within a garden, so placed as to separate two parcels of land in different ownership; Retaining wall: a wall supporting land that is higher on one side of the wall than it is on the other side, where that retaining wall also

Can a retaining wall be built on a property line?

Retaining walls on property lines are one of those touchy subjects where it takes both party’s agreement. The property line is the imaginary line that separates two neighboring properties. Anything built on the line calls for an agreement that is best left to legal paperwork for both parties’ security.

What happens if a retaining wall falls into a neighbor’s yard?

If the land on the neighbor’s side subsides or has damage, the wall owner is reliable. If the wall is poorly built with low-quality material, it may lean into the neighbor’s yard. Sometimes the wall may fall entirely and damage the property or belongings of the neighbor.

Who is responsible for the support of a retaining wall?

Generally, the property on the high side has the right of support and the lower property is burdened to provide that support.

Can a retaining wall be treated as a dividing fence?

It will depend on the State the property is located in and who’s lot the wall is located on. A retaining wall is not treated the same as a dividing fence. This is the general rule, unless specific circumstances rule otherwise. Click to expand… What if the upper property damages the wall through renovation?

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