How do I get a copy of my infringement notice Qld?

How do I get a copy of my infringement notice Qld?

Contact the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 23 80. If you require a hard copy of the original traffic infringement notice, contact the issuing police station (if known) to request a replacement. Contact details for the issuing station can be found using the Police Station Locator tool.

How long does it take for a fine to come in the mail Qld?

7 to 21 days
This requires processing by both the issuing authority and Department of Transport and Main Roads and may take 7 to 21 days from issue. If it takes longer than 21 days for your fine to be entered into our system you may need to pay the fine another way, either in person or by post.

How to file an infringement notice in Queensland?

If you can’t nominate online, send a completed statutory declaration To the Director, Road Safety Camera Office, Queensland Police Service, GPO Box 1440, Brisbane Qld, 4001. Please allow up to 14 days for processing. Once processed, a new infringement notice will be issued to the person nominated. What are eTickets?

When to delete an infringement email in Queensland?

If you have not had recent face-to-face contact with a Queensland Police Officer or Transport Inspector regarding a traffic or transport offence and you have received an infringement email that you suspect is fraudulent, do not open any links or attachments and delete the email. More information. Please wait…

How to deal with an infringement notice for camera detected?

If you complete a Statutory Declaration and it is accepted by the Queensland Police Service Traffic Camera Office, then you should receive a Withdrawal of Infringement Notice letter stating: The infringement notice has been withdrawn as a result of a Statutory Declaration being processed for this notice.

Where do I Mail my police infringement notice?

For police officer or transport inspector issued infringement notices, you can mail your completed statutory declaration with your infringement notice to: Department of Transport and Main Roads PO Box 673 FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD 4006

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