Why are so many couples married with separate finances?

Why are so many couples married with separate finances?

Our theory is that if we never allow it to be an option, even for a second, than no matter how intense our problems become we will have no choice but to overcome them together. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had the same struggles in our young marriage that everyone works through.

Is it a mistake to focus on the miserable part of a marriage?

If you’re in a troubled, miserable marriage, you’re often focused on the miserable part. After yet another long, ugly fight, a future outside that grief seems pretty appealing. But Doherty says that couples make a mistake when they focus on this post-marital-conflict snow globe of bliss.

When do you start to question your marriage?

The disconnection between us didn’t magically get better while left unattended over time; as a matter of fact, it got worse as my resentments grew. And during that time, I started to question my marriage. Could I make this work forever? Would it ever be any different? Is this enough?

What happens if my wife and I have separate bank accounts?

Both have access in case of an emergency. In the event something were to happen to me, even for a short amount of time, my wife would never have to worry about lack of access to any or all of our resources.   Sure, either one of us could go to the bank tomorrow and withdraw all the money and put it on 18 red.

What are the biggest beefs with separate finances in marriage?

My biggest beefs with separate finances in marriage: It seems like many couples settle for separate finances because they desire avoiding “tough” conversations up front. In my life, ignoring or avoiding any issue has very rarely led to a positive resolution.

When did my wife go back to work?

After my daughter was born, we sold our business so that I could stay home with her for the first 8-9 months, while my wife went back to work as a teacher.   In either case, I would have felt horrible receiving/giving “pay” to/from my wife.   Our money is ourmoney, period.

Can a separated couple claim their dependents on one tax return?

Dependents: When you’re separated but not legally separated or divorced, you and your spouse can claim your dependent (s) on one joint tax return or file separate returns with the Married Filing Separately status and have one child claimed per return.

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