What to say when you have been made redundant?

What to say when you have been made redundant?

How to explain your redundancy in a job interview

  1. Take your opportunity to explain the situation.
  2. Reference your successes in the role from which you were made redundant.
  3. Use positive language.
  4. Focus on what you have been doing since your redundancy.
  5. Explain why this role you’re applying for is a good fit for you.

Who do I contact after being made redundant?

Contact your local Jobcentre and ask for their Rapid Response Service – they specialise in helping people who have been made redundant. They will help you find a new job and may even pay for training. You can use the service during your notice period and for up to 13 weeks after you’ve been made redundant.

Do I need to tell my new employer I was made redundant?

You don’t need to advertise the fact that you have been made redundant by the sound of your answers. If you are still in a consultation period with your current employer you will technically still be employed by the company and therefore a new employer only needs to know about your current state of employment.

What benefits can I claim when being made redundant?

Claiming benefits If you’ve been made redundant or been told that you will soon be made redundant, there are 3 main types of financial support that could be available to you: Universal Credit. New Style Jobseeker’s Allowance (New Style JSA) New Style Employment and Support Allowance (New Style ESA)

When is redundancy the only way to go?

If after considering alternative employment solutions, redundancy appears to be the only way forward, the redundant staff must be selected carefully and fairly.

Can a small business make just one employee redundant?

This letter need not be used when making just one employee redundant who is in a unique role. Even in small or micro businesses, it is legally required to consult individually with each employee who is at risk of redundancy. You should inform your staff about this consultation using a redundancy consultation letter.

What makes a fair work redundancy a non-genuine redundant?

A fair work redundancy will be considered as a non-genuine redundancy if the business has recently hired new employees or intends to do so in the future, despite their claims of redundancy in certain jobs.

When to send an at risk of redundancy letter?

Once the selection is made, you should advise all potentially affected staff that they are at risk of redundancy, by sending them an at-risk of redundancy letter. This letter need not be used when making just one employee redundant who is in a unique role.

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