How to deal with encroachments on your property?

How to deal with encroachments on your property?

In some cases, what one homeowner may feel is an encroachment issue may actually not be one. It is always better to figure that out before things go further. If one neighbor wants another neighbor to move a fence or other structure, that neighbor will first want to verify that the structure is encroaching on the other neighbor’s property.

What are the issues with the retaining wall?

The issues are the neighbour’s Retaining wall footings encroachment and the Dividing fence encroachment. 1/ In 2013, the neighbour damaged the fibro-cement dividing fence during the construction of his two-storey addition.

How much does it cost to replace retaining wall in BC?

When Brown added a room to his house it was discovered that Smith’s retaining wall encroached onto Brown’s property. The cost of replacing the wall was approximately $30,000. Smith applied for a vesting order or an easement on the encroached-upon land.

When do you have to remove neighbor’s encroachments?

That, my friends, is the question. The short answer if the encroachments were constructed less than five years ago: generally, they must be removed. If they have been in place for five years or longer, the riddle is more complicated.

What happens if my Neighbor builds a shed on my property?

This means that if your neighbor built and uses the shed for the statutory period, and you don’t say anything to stop him or assert your ownership of the land, he might be able to establish his own ownership through adverse possession.

What does structural encroachment mean in real estate?

Structural encroachment occurs when a property owner specifically builds something on land they don’t own. This is typically between neighbors, but it could also be between the property owner and a municipality because streets and sidewalks are often the property of the city for the use of the public.

What’s the legal way to stop an encroacher?

The law permits the owner to use force against the encroacher if justified by the circumstances. He can cause grievous hurt or kill the intruder. The owner has the right to protect his property by stopping the encroacher from invading his land. The owner can lodge FIR for criminal trespass.

How did I deal with my Neighbor when I moved in?

When I moved in, my neighbor told me that one of those landowners had moved his fence to take four feet of my land before I moved in, and I intended to require him to move it back. To my chagrin, when the property was surveyed, I found that the previous owner of my house had, in fact, taken four feet of my neighbor’s property.

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