What is considered harassment NSW?

What is considered harassment NSW?

Anti-discrimination law defines harassment as any form of behaviour that: you do not want. offends, humiliates or intimidates you. creates a hostile environment.

Can you report harassment for someone else?

The harassment may be directed at you, but it can also be directed at someone else or even at no-one in particular. It may have to do with your or someone else’s protected characteristic. It may not have anything to do with you but you still find it offensive.

Is it illegal to harass someone in the workplace?

Verbal harassment can be the result of personality conflicts in the workplace that have escalated beyond the casual eye roll or something more serious. Unlike discriminatory types of harassment (such as sexual), verbal abuse is often not illegal. Instead, verbal harassment can be someone who’s consistently mean or unpleasant.

What to do about harassing calls in Australia?

Here in Australia, there are standards for how telcos should address unwanted communication sent through their platforms. Industry guidelines from the Communications Alliance, “ Handling of life-threatening and unwelcome communications ,” offer suggestions on how telcos can handle harassing communication.

Where can I make a complaint about discrimination in NSW?

If you want to make a complaint under discrimination law, you cannot go straight to a court or tribunal. You first have to make your complaint to the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW (ADB) or to the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC).

What should I do if someone is harassing me?

Most survivors of domestic and family violence just want the harassment to stop, while other survivors may want the person to be charged and prosecuted. Some survivors may want to increase the security and privacy of their technology to prevent or minimise the abusive person’s contact.

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