What is considered vandalism to a car?

What is considered vandalism to a car?

Vehicle vandalism occurs when an individual intentionally causes damage to the property of another, in this case, a vehicle. Some examples of acts of vandalism include the vehicle being keyed, slashed tires or a broken window.

Is accidental damage a crime?

What counts as criminal damage? Legally, it is only criminal damage if it was done intentionally, so accidental damage does not count. And something that isn’t permanent doesn’t count either. So while smashing a wing mirror is criminal damage, throwing eggs at a car isn’t because it is not permanent.

Can you be charged for criminal damage to your own property?

You cannot unlawfully damage your own property, but it can still be an offence to damage jointly owned property. So, a person who smashes up a family home in a fit of rage would very often be guilty of the offence.

When do drivers face criminal charges in a car accident?

Instead, the case against the at-fault driver is a civil one. The injured victims sue for monetary compensation for their damages. A driver’s behavior in some car accidents, however, rises to the level of a crime. When a driver breaks the law, drives recklessly, or disregards others’ safety, criminal charges can be filed.

Can a person be charged with driving while impaired?

This is the obvious. If a person drives while impaired, he/she can get charged under the Criminal Code. This includes driving a boat, aircraft, train – any kind of vehicle. In this charge, a motor vehicle can include railway equipment which is different than other vehicle charges under the Criminal Code.

What makes a careless driving charge under the Criminal Code?

It causes endangerment to others and the person knows or ought to have know the consequences. Dangerous driving is considered this type of negligence and so is under the Criminal Code. This is a charge that can be tacked onto other charges under the Criminal Code, like dangerous driving, street racing etc.

What makes a vehicle dangerous under the Criminal Code?

Dangerous driving, like other driving charges under the Criminal Code also includes vessels, aircraft and railway equipment. Any driving of these vehicles that is dangerous to the public regarding all circumstances: the nature and condition of the equipment (if it is unsafe to drive) or the place in or through which the equipment is operated.

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