Am I an employee if I work for an agency?

Am I an employee if I work for an agency?

In terms of employment law (which is a bit different from tax law) agency workers are usually ‘workers’ for employment law purposes (the category that falls somewhere between employee and self-employed) and as such are entitled to basic protections, such as being paid at least the national minimum wage (NMW) or …

Is working for an agency good?

Agency work allows you to work within different environments potentially for numerous companies that will help you build upon your skills and improve your resume. The best recruitment agency will provide valuable training so you can gain the skills you need to find better work and get paid at a higher rate.

Am I classed as self-employed if I work for an agency?

Your employment status are not self-employed. have a contract with an employment agency, but work day-to-day for an employer. are told what work to do by the employer, not the agency.

How is a casual employee defined under BCEA 15?

A casual employee was defined in terms of the previous BCEA 15 as an employee not working more than 3 days a week. Section 6 of the current Act now excludes only workers who work less than 24 hours a month and at least protection is extended to many casual workers who were previously excluded.

What does it mean to be a casual employee?

A casual employee is a worker with whom you don’t have a firm commitment on: the days and hours they will work. A casual employee also doesn’t have to accept all the work that you offer. For example, a casual employee might work to a roster that you change weekly, and can swap or refuse shifts.

Can a casual worker be taxed as a standard employee?

However, if you work regularly for the same employer and can provide them with a written undertaking that they are your only source of employment, then you can be treated as if you are in standard employment and taxed at the normal weekly or monthly rate as per the tax tables.

What is the notice period for casual employment?

Casual Employment Notice Period. As long as you work 24 hours in a month or more, the notice period for termination would be the same as that for a permanent employee. This depends on the length of time you have been employed: 6 months or less – 1 weeks notice. 6 months to 12 months – 2 weeks notice.

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